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One of  many vendors

Rev. Homer & Mrs. Nancy Cobb arrive for NWI Health Summit   Roundtable


Topics of discussion ranged

from cardiovascular disease,

dialysis, HIV, obesity and more. A break allowed for

NAACP members picture

(L-R) Mrs. Cobb, Rev. Cobb,
Rev. Keron  Sadler,  Health
Program Manager NAACP,
Mrs.Barbara Bolling Williams
President, IN State NAACP.

An opinion that boiled down to they just wanted to do it so they did, but speaking up and the numbers made a difference.

When Silence Becomes Consent:

The Interstate Crosscheck Program was initiated in December 2005  at the Midwest Election Officials Conference (MEOC) by the office of the Kansas Secretary of State in coordination with Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska. The program combined each state's voter rolls into a database and sought to identify potential duplicate registrations by comparing first name, last name, and full date of birth. In 2006, the first crosscheck was conducted using voter registration records from Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska. The program is administered by the office of the Kansas Secretary of State as a free service to all member states. Under Secretary Kris Kobach, the program expanded rapidly from thirteen states in 2010 to a peak of 29 states in 2014. In 2017, Crosscheck analyzed 98 million voter registration records from 28 states and returned 7.2 million "potential duplicate registrant" records to member states.

Debating Kansas' mandate on tighter voter ID enforcement.

If you thought voting didn't matter see

how this could affect you or maybe not, maybe a relative, sibling?



NAACP, Prince George’s County Sue Over Unconstitutional Census Preparations


Voter Registration

 Voter registration ends April 9, 2018 

  and   Jeffersonville / Clark County 

  Indiana  NAACP Unit  #3054 

  Community  and  Adult  Youth 

Primary Election

 Advisors where doing their part making sure their neighbors were registered and aware of the consequence  of  Primary election May 8, 2018.

       Radio  WLTH  1370  AM


            DIALYSIS  OPTIONS 

Rev. Homer C. Cobb Jr. hosted a call-in program to educate the community on various questions that African American are more prone to having end stage renal disease because of the stress we’re under and our diets. We are faced with high blood press and or diabetes, which are the two leading causes for kidney disease.

From top left to right:

   Rev. Homer C. Cobb Jr., Hammond Branch  NAACP President, was the Host: 

   Rev. Dena Holland Neal an ordained minister with United Church and Christ & Associated Pastor. Believes in holistic approach to ministry that address the entire needs of the person both physical and spiritual has been a dialysis patient since 1983, has done every modality offered to people with end stage rental dialysis.  She has done in-center nocturnal perinatal home, has had two Kidney transplants, and has provided counseling for new patients and patients considering transplants.

   Dr. Sandra Gadson,  a practicing Nephrologist and the International President of Woman’s Home and Overseas Missionary Society of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Dr. Gadson has served as past president of the National Medical Association, She has worked at all levels to eliminate healthcare disparities and to increase parity in medicine, especially in the area of kidney disease.  She founded the first freestanding dialysis center in Northwest Indiana.  She was the first provider of dialysis services in the city of Gary. In 1994, Dr. Gadson became the President of the Methodist Hospital Staff becoming the first woman to have been elected to that position.  In 2006, Ebony magazine named her one of the 100 most influential African Americans in America.  She has degrees from Hampton University and Meharry Medical College.  She has articles published in the American Journal of  Nephrology and other medical publications.  She is a member of the American Nephrology Society, National Kidney Foundation, Alpha Kappa Aloha Sorority , Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society and a life Member of the NAACP.  096


Tuesday, March 27, 2018
 9am - 10am 
Dr. Sandra Gadson, MD, guest  
Northwest Indiana leading Nephrologist
Rev. Homer C. Cobb Jr.,
Hammond Branch NAACP Pres., Host


1.  Are registering people to vote?

2.  We fight forward to ENACT a Hate Crime Bill.  Sign        a  Petition        

3.  Schedule your annual doctor visit for a check up.

4.  Buy a membership for youth
                                                                 5.  Join the NAACP.

Divisions among Indiana Senate Republicans once again doom bias crime legislation

#2 of the Top Five For The Week.  Contact your representative  and ask why?

Chrystal Ratcliffe, NAACP’s Indianapolis chapter president, rear row far right

                            Passage prompted by NAACP, IUPUI partnership


As of July 1, all Indiana high schools will be required to offer ethnic and racial studies as an elective course at least once every school year under Senate Enrolled Act 337. Act 337, a bill authored by Sen. Greg Taylor, D-Indianapolis, was signed into law last week by Gov. Eric Holcomb during a private signing ceremony.  

Chrystal Ratcliffe, NAACP’s Indianapolis chapter president, said the initial focus was on Black history, but the group expanded its approach. 

“It started with the idea of requiring teaching of African-American history in Indiana schools and became a multi-cultural education requirement with the support of IUPUI professors and a diverse coalition,” said Ratcliffe. “We are grateful to Senator Taylor for his persistence and leadership on this issue.”

Garry Holland, the chapter’s interim education chair, Ratcliffe and others in the organization worked with African-American, Native American, Latino and Asian cultural education experts to successfully push for passage of the law, the result of four years of advocacy in the Indiana General Assembly                                                                                                                               0605201710:29


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